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Boat Storage Solutions - Universal Mounting System for Boats
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System

Universal Mounting System Overview

How it works

There are two components to the V-Lock system: the base and the insert. Start by first attaching a V-Lock base in a logical convenient location around your boat. Next, mount each of your accessories to a V-Lock insert. Now you can use any accessory where you have a V-Lock base.

Simple, strong and extremely versatile

Our universal mounting system for boats can accommodate just about any marine accessory imaginable. Made of Marine Starboard (HDPE) or marine grade aluminum for strength and durability. Aluminum bases are powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Essential flexibility

Use your equipment where you need it with the ability to quickly and easily move it or remove it when not in use.

Protect your gear

With the V-Lock system, your boating gear is only exposed to the elements when you're using it.

Use your existing accessories

The V-Lock system isn't limited to accessories designed specifically for the V-Lock. You decide on the accessories you need so if you already have the gear, you can just adapt it to the V-Lock system. This results in making boat storage solutions easy – you have all of your equipment within reach.

Typical Scenarios
  • You don't want to leave your expensive electronics on the boat for fear that they might be stolen or damaged. With the V-Lock system, you can easily take your electronic devices off the base and stow it safely away in your boat, car or garage.
  • You have a grill and you're cooking your catch of the day when the wind changes filling your boat with smoke. With the V-Lock system you can, in seconds, move the grill to another V-Lock base on the other side of the boat.
  • You're going out fishing with your buddies, so you outfit the boat with an extra rod holder, bait cutting station, and tackle box holder. When you get back to the dock, you can replace the fishing gear with a table, cup holders, and grill for the family outing.
  • FISH ON! You hooked a big fish, maybe a trophy, but the line might get tangled around your fixed mounted devices. With the V-Lock system, you can quickly stow anything in your way and now your only worry is fighting the fish.
  • If you dock your boat at home, you can use V-Lock Dock Mounts so that you can use any of your accessories on your dock without having to buy additional V-Lock base units.
Just a few of the many applications for the V-Lock
Not Just For Boats!
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System for boats was originally designed and created to provide flexibility and utility to boat owners. Since then, many of you have suggested other industries and applications where it might be useful. A very popular idea is to put a V-Lock base on your workbench and mount a vise, bench grinder or other tools to V-Lock inserts so you can alternate tools or remove them when not being used.
  • Camping, Hunting & Recreation, ATVs, RVs
  • Construction Industry
  • Golf Carts and Trailers
  • Audio/Video Equipment
  • Utility Industry Mounting Systems
  • Telephone & Communications Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Workbench and workshops (vice, drill press, bench grinder, etc.)

Anywhere you need a simple, flexible and universal mounting system that easily adapts to your needs. We not only want to offer you boat storage solutions, but solutions to hassle-free handling of all of your gear no matter where you are.

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Simplicity - Versatility - Interchangeability - Utility