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V-Lock Universal Mounting System | Saint Petersburg Boat Show

    Saint Petersburg Boat Show


The St. Pete boat show December 3-6 was well attended despite a couple rainy days at an in water show. It was nice to exhibit at a show in our home town only about a half mile away.

We sold a lot of V-Locks and as usual people had their own ideas on how to use them:

  • Put one on the back of a motor scooter to hold a fishing rod and tackle box.
  • Use them in elevators cabs to mount the interior panels.
  • A cake business that is short of space plans to use the V-Lock for large mixers and other industrial kitchen gear.

One thing we learned quickly is that for sailboats we need a rail mount solution. Fortunately a mechanical engineer with a machine shop in the area stopped by and said he had developed a rail mount bracket for an anchor. He is going to modify his design to fit the V-Lock and we will have prototypes at the Miami International Boat Show February 11-15. They should be available for sale a couple months after that.

We met Bob Bitchin of Latitudes and Attitudes fame and after taking in a quick demo of the V-Lock he thought it was a great new idea. We gave Bob a V-Lock to give away at the Boat Show Cruisers' Party Saturday night after the show. Bob liked the V-Lock enough to list it in the L&A ship store.

If you bought a V-Lock at the Saint Pete show, or anywhere else for that matter, please send us pictures with a brief description of how you are using it to info@V-Lock.com and we will send you a free insert.

The next show is Atlanta January 13-17 and we look forward to talking to people in the fresh water environment to see what they think of the V-Lock.