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V-Lock Universal Mounting System | Tampa Boat Show
Tampa Boat Show

The Tampa boat show September 11-13 was the first consumer show we have attended and was an overwhelming success. We ran out of brochures and website traffic is up 200% since the show.  

We are 4-6 weeks from having product to ship and many people were disappointed that they could not have one immediately.

Only one person thought the introductory show price was high and most thought it was very acceptable.

A few people gave us deposits in order to get the first available units.  

The best part is that many people quickly latched on the flexibility and utility of the V-Lock. Once people got the concept they had their own ideas, a few examples:

  • A fireman though they could be used on fire trucks to save time mounting equipment.
  • Harley rider wants to reduce time to mount/un-mount his side bags or move them from one bike to another.
  • A jeweler has a small workspace and needs the flexibility to quickly swap out tool sets.
  • ATV owner wants to be able to use his spotlight on the boat and ATV without tools.

Some common comments were "I wished I had thought of it" and "I can't believe no one has though of this before".