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V-Lock Universal Mounting System | Atlanta Boat Show

    Atlanta Boat Show


The Atlanta boat show January 13-17 was our first predominantly fresh water show and we got a lot of great feedback on how the V-Lock will work for the boaters out on the rivers and lakes.

As usual people had their own ideas on how to use them but this time the most significant was another exhibitor a short distance away. A kayak manufacturer had been getting questions on how a small trolling motor could be mounted to their product. We gave them a V-Lock to demonstrate to their customers how it could be attached to the kayaks to support a small trolling motor (or just about anything else) and it was not long before we had people coming by to purchase a V-Lock for their new kayak.

Just like at the Saint Pete show we found that we needed a rail solution. This time it was for the square rails commonly found on pontoon boats. To demonstrate to pontoon boaters how it could work we bolted 2 V-Locks back to back on the railing of a boat across the aisle from us. This worked well and was very sturdy but most people would not want to have to buy two V-Locks for the same location, so we came up with a simple and sturdy solution using StarBoard. You can see pictures on the Products page.

If you bought a V-Lock at the Atlanta show, or anywhere else for that matter, please send us pictures with a brief description of how you are using it to info@V-Lock.com and we will send you a free insert.

Here is a video that was shot at the show that aired on the Fox Sports show Pleasure Boater

The next show is the Miami International Boat Show February 11-15 (Booth 4155). We will have the prototypes for the round rail adaptor kit and hope to get some feedback from sail boaters.