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V-Lock Universal Mounting System | V-Lock on the Internet

    V-Lock on the Internet


The V-Lock is a brand new product and in many ways also a new concept. It was originally created for the marine environment but a lot of people have put them on their trucks, RVs, workshops, etc.

In trying to get the word out as you can see from our News page we are going to boat shows and doing some short inexpensive regional TV spots.

The Internet is where we think we reach the widest and most interested audience. We are trying to figure out where on the Internet we should be to reach people who might think the V-Lock is a solution to a problem.

We want to get feedback from people who are on the website (you reading this) and who have the V-Lock system on where we should be.

V-Lock is a Vendor/Sponsor/Associates on the following sites so far. If you have or know of a website where you think the V-Lock would be exposed to people who would find it valuable please let us know by sending an email to info@v-lock.com.

  • We prefer vendor sponsored forums where we have two way communications with customers and potential customers.
  • We don't spam the classified sections of forums where commercial posting is not welcome.
  • Our experience so far is that banner ads do not have a lot of value although we would like if someone could prove the theory wrong.


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